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Our Oven Cleaning Prices

For competitive oven cleaning prices for homes and businesses in and around West Sussex, look no further than Ace Ovens

The oven cleaning prices listed below cover the majority of our cleaning services. Please note that these are starting prices and may vary depending on the size/specification of your appliance and its condition. For a bespoke quotation, or to book your oven clean, get in touch with us via our contact form, or call us on 07554 397571

A clean cooker is much safer to use as well. No more greasy residues causing smoke and polluting your food!

Call 07554 397571 to book your oven clean!

Standard ovens (prices start at)

Single Oven

The oven is often built into the kitchen units, and has a single door with one chamber.


Double Oven

Typically, these have two doors with two chambers, the topmost of which will be a grill or mini oven.


Standard Hob

Either gas or electric, a standard hob comprises no more than four rings.


Large Hob

Gas or electric, ovens with more than four rings fit into the large hob category.


Range ovens (prices start at)

Small Range Oven

These come in many different configurations, but are almost always freestanding. We class a range oven if it has more than four burners or is wider than 60cm.


Large Range Oven

We class a range oven if it has more than four burners or is wider than 60cm. Larger Ranges can feature as many as four doors, with warming or storage drawers.


AGA or Rayburn (prices start at)

Heat Storage Cookers

AGAs and Rayburn ovens cook food by using the heat from a continuous source which is in turn absorbed and accumulated in its heavy cast iron frame. Our cleaning price reflects the complexity and size of the appliance.


Other Appliances (prices start at)



Combi oven


Extractor Hood




Additional Services (prices start at)

Door Strip Down

For each door we strip down and thoroughly clean out.


Replacement Bulbs

We can replace your oven light bulbs. We stock a wide variety of bulbs suitable for almost all appliances.


Door Seal

We can replace old, split or perished rubber door seals.